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Name: Kristine
Contact: [ profile] thoughtbubble
Other Characters: The Eleventh Doctor, Roy Mustang

Character Name: Amethyst
Age: 5500+
Species: Gem
Canon: Steven Universe
Canon Point: “Log Date 7 15 2” A few days after Peridot contacted Yellow Diamond.
Character Info: Wiki Link


Out of all the Crystal Gems, Amethyst is by far the wildest and most impulsive. She's a character who loves to live in the moment and do as she pleases, which can be both a strength and a weakness. Many of her best traits have a flip side that make them troublesome.

Amethyst is often childish and goofy, constantly laughing and poking fun at things. It's hard not to laugh when Amethyst is around to shape shift into a purple version of whatever she desires. To many of her friends, she's fun and the life of the party. She's not afraid to speak her mind either, which can make her either endearingly inappropriate like a kid or comedian, or majorly out of line. Even in serious moments, Amethyst sometimes comes across as carefree, not overly concerned with the small stuff but also not very concerned with staying in line or doing as she's told.

Amethyst is passionate and impatient, often the one to charge head first into battle, not stopping to calculate the odds the way Pearl or Garnet would. Her intensity can be a good thing, with some challenges and battles being won purely with strong determination. On the other hand Amethyst is the gem most likely to get injured and require regeneration simply thanks to being too much of a daredevil or throwing herself out in front. Stern reminders from Garnet are often needed to keep her from foolishly wasting her power.

Stubborn should be Amethyst's middle name. She has the will power any strong gem needs but sometimes she can't stand listening to others, particularly Pearl. Pearl calls her out on her bad behavior most often, criticizing her irresponsibility and laziness, and if there's one subject Amethyst hates to confront it's her weaknesses and who she is.

Despite how worry free and confident Amethyst's jokes and risks make her seem, she is often bottling up and hiding feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. As she reveals to Steven when they first visit the Kindergarten, she was meant to become a gem that would help Homeworld take over the Earth. One of the "bad gems." She is ashamed of her origins and worries that others will judge her for it. By living in the moment, brushing aside bad feelings, and being hard-headed, Amethyst is able to pretend she isn't hurt by things that actually do bother her. As she tells Steven, "I only feel how I wanna feel." At least that's how she wishes it worked.

All that said about her shortcomings, Amethyst is constantly growing and learning too. She cares very much about the other Crystal Gems and her human friends and there are many times when she really will be serious and stop and listen to them. She is not so insensitive that she never respects their boundaries, and she feels guilty when she crosses the line and does hurt others. Her improving relationship with Pearl, despite their differences, is a great example of this with their fusion Opal being formed more easily as the series continues. Ultimately what Amethyst wants most is to be close to others and be accepted and loved for who she is.


Chosen Powers:
Weapon Summoning (Moderate) - Amethyst's ability to summon her whip and copies of it. Any whips left behind or tossed a far distance from her will magically disappear without her presence.

Shapeshifting (Moderate) - Like all gems, Amethyst can shapeshift into people, animals, and even objects. She normally does it to get a leg up in battle and for laughs, all with her signature purple coloration. In this situation though it will be used a lot more for blending in with the humans and less purple will be involved.

Chosen Equipment: None.

Relevant Skills:
Fighting skills - Amethyst is ready to brawl with whatever the labels have in store. She doesn't know what to expect but whatever it is it took away her friends and she's going to give it a beat down.

Shapeshifting - By changing her form, Amethyst will have better luck sneaking into places and tricking enemies into overlooking her.

Character Goals: Amethyst is here to save Steven, Garnet, and Greg. To remind Pearl to take a chill pill when she freaks out. And to kick some evil music label butt.

Writing Sample: TDM Samples - [ Agent 3, Garnet, and Bill ] [ Greg ]


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